Hello, I am a Polish artist. In 2014 while being on a residence in Berlin I did a project concerning walking.

Every day I go out into the city and I give myself bear his rhythm. I savor the act of walking itself and I record the exact course of each walk. It results in a linear image, which becomes a form of an urban drawing.

The city at a specific points in the space and time spits out subtle signs and becomes a source of decisions. I appeal to the surrealistic concept of an objective coincidence. The decision on pursuing for something, even very elusive gives vent to the inner impulses that coexist with the reality. I trace magie circonstancielle – circumstantial magic and I collect objets trouvé (found objects).

Walking is natural like breathing and each elementary decision whether to go right or left, or wheather courage to follow someone or something becomes decisive for the final form of the drawing being made consistently every day. I may be inspired by a man, a piece of trash on the sidewalk, a word spoken in a foreign language. What becomes a possibility in one case and develops a network of new solutions, at the same time closes the other ones.

The work was created during a residency in the Institut für Alles Mögliche in Berlin
Photos: Krzysztof Biały